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Patriot Edition

Feb 3, 2020

Interview during SHOT 2020 in the Birdman Media Hospitality Suite

Heidi Hansing and Crystal Laramore talk about the Wheelchairs for Warriors Charity and their upcoming event.

Click for tables and tickets Peace - Love - Warriors event February 10th, 2020


Wheelchairs for Warriors Story -


Our mission is to provide veterans and first responders injured in the line of duty with a proper fitting wheelchair!
By the time our recipients apply to us, they have tried everything else. They have been unable to secure the proper equipment for any one of a myriad of bureaucratic reasons and they turn to us for help. We strive to design, build, and deliver a custom, enhanced-mobility chair to the warrior that they and their caregivers have been unable to acquire otherwise. We fill in the gap the VA or workman’s comp has created. One size does not fit all, and stock wheelchairs do not meet the complex and rehabilitative needs of grievously wounded warriors. We make sure they are not left behind once they arrive back home.
We custom fit each wheelchair to the patient’s physical and lifestyle needs. Their specific injuries, capabilities, level of rehabilitation, and lifestyles needs are assessed and accounted for. Their physical measurements are taken and a chair is custom designed for their exact size and build and to meet their needs, thus elevating their quality of life to what they deserve.
Our on-staff mechanical engineer suffered with his father, who was a veteran, being unable to acquire the proper fitting wheelchair and the agony he endured having his legs amputated, and finally deciding the struggle was not worth it. After only a few months in his proper wheelchair, he passed away. His quality of life was no quality at all, and we are on a mission to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else. (Side Note: the VA wouldn't take the wheelchair back to "recycle" it, so the effort and the financial resources spent were a complete waste.)

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